Payment Options

Payment options

At, we will help you to buy goods while using the available options that are available on the websites. There are different options which you can use and you will decide the option which will be suitable for you.

With the technology available, you may pay with different options available without having to pay in cash. The available payment options are UPI, Mobile payment and mobile wallets

You will choose anyone of the available options

Credit and debit card payment

You may use the debit or credit card in order to make the payment, regardless of where you may be. This is a payment option that you can use wherever you are and many sellers take it as the payment. Such option is the right option if you buy the goods online without going over a certain limit.

The credit card is not the same as the debit card. When you buy using a credit card, you will be billed after sometime but with the debit card, the money will be taken from an account at once.


This is one of the new methods that you may use for the people who buy online. You will need to sign for the wallet you want and then link it to the bank account. You can use the wallet to deposit or to withdraw the funds as you want.


In case you wish to pay using cash, you will wait until the product is delivered to the address and you will pay, but this is not a good option since it is easier to steal cash and you may not have the cash at hand when the product is delivered. When the product is delivered, you still have the option of buying using the cards or mobile money.

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