Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

At, we ensure that your privacy and security is the best since we give it the priority. The company takes the right measures in order to protect the information that you give and any activity you undertake on the website is protected and safe. We will keep the customers informed about the measures that are in place to ensure that their privacy will be protected.

The privacy policy talks about how the company will get information and how such information will be used. We will let you know the kind of the information you will give, how we will use it and how we will ensure that the information is protected every time that you visit the website.

What kind of information that you will be asked for:

If you place the order over the website, there is some basic information that you should give. If you want that the product can be delivered where you want, we will have to collect, to store and to process any required data to make this possible. We will also use this information about you, whenever there is a claim afterwards.

We do everything possible to make sure that the data you give will be protected. This is why we come up with the privacy policy. However, we will keep the information needed for the purchase and we will not ask for anything more. Information needed from you will be used only for the purchase.

Information which you will be asked for:

If you want to buy something from the website, you should give different information. Some information that is required is the title you use, email address, the postal address, your date of birth, your gender with your names. You will also have to fill in the delivery address, the credit cards detail, the bank account, telephone number and the mobile number since they are needed for processing the transaction.

Such information is needed in order to process the order you gave and it will be done in the right way and at the right time. You will also give information about the account you open with our company. The information is used for confirming the order and to do the transaction required for the order. The information you give will also help up to give you information that we find useful for you about our products and services. If you need any information, you can still ask for it and you will get it. When you do not want to get more information about our business, you will be free to sign out from our newsletters.

Because of the security, we have to store the information you give. You can get access to the same information if you log in the website. Everything we do is transparent, you can view the details of the order and you may find out, if it had been completed.

The information you enter into our website is taken with the right discretion and caution. They will be protected and also kept confidential. There is no third party that can get access to it.

However, you have also to make sure that you protected your account on your end such as keeping the password safe and never let it be compromised.

The reasons why we need to get your data and information and why we store it.

The reasons why the information should be collected and stored are the following
Monitoring of the business; the business uses processes that depend on how the business performs. This is why the data is needed in order to monitor the business scale by learning when it is down or up. In this way the business will also learn about different ways that they can improve the service or maintain the good services if you are satisfied. It also helps in keeping up with the assets of the business in the right way.

Processing of the order; when you provide the information, it will be easier to talk to you in effective way to make sure that the order or any other request can be fulfilled as you wish. Without the right information, it will not be easy to complete the entire transaction.

Record keeping: we need the information about you so that we can keep the record or any other service or doing any administrative service that will be related to the transactions you have with us.

Safety and protection: to make sure that the safety and protection of the right and property of the business or the users, we have to follow the legal requirement which are not just limited to the government reporting, statutory or legal obligation depending on the available law.

Doing surveys: we need to have your contacts while doing the survey and to get information on the opinions of the users for the services that are provided or new services that we may want to introduce afterwards.

Record tracking: We do use the data that are gotten in following or recording the calls, the chats which are related to the online transaction which may be needed in order to complete the entire task. The data can be used to help with quality assurance and staff training.

Direct marketing and promotional purpose: there are data which can be collected and can be used with direct marketing and promotions

Operating the website; the information gotten from the customers will be used in operating the site and to improve the content given. This can help us in achieving better products and service so that our customers will be happy.

Third parties and links

Using our discretion, we may decide to give some information to different companies that we may be working with. We will give details to the sub contractors or the agents that work with the company and who can require the data within the agreement purpose. So that we can reduce the cases of cyber crimes, it is important to give information to certain companies that deal with the fraud protection.

Whenever we decide to sell the business, we may also sell any database that includes your personal information.


It is important for us to invest into technical and security measures so that we can prevent unauthorized and unlawful access, accidental damage or loss of the information you have given us. The data you give will be done using a secure server. There are firewalls around the server. In order to protect the information, you will be asked to prove your identity if you need to get any personal information from us. However, it will be up to you to protect your own computer and to make sure that none will access the passwords you use.

What rights do you have?

In case you are not sure of how we protect your data, then you may decide to get access to any data that we do have over you. You can request to change the data if you think that it is not true or if there is anything that has to change. If you do not want to get any promotional information, you may request that we stop to send them.


You may be asked to accept the cookies over the site, even if it not a requirement to use our website. When you accept cookies, you will be able to save time, when you want to use our website again in the future.

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